Dependable Bail Bond Services in Lubbock, Texas

A bond company you can trust to assist you when you need it most is easier than ever with AAA Bail Bonds. With over 30 years of experience in the bond industry, our team of bondsman have earned the trust and respect of Lubbock residents. Since 1995, our team has provided honest and personable bond services to family and friends, always putting their best interest first. As a Lubbock native and Texas Tech Alumni, our owner understands the issues that may arise that can changes your life in an assistance. It is because of that knowledge that AAA Bail Bonds was established to serve the residents of the community.

Don't face the judicial system alone. When you need assistance from someone you can trust, look no further than AAA Bail Bonds.

Types of Bail

  • Assault Bail Bonds
  • Business Crime Bail Bonds
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
  • Drug Crime Bail Bonds
  • Sex Crime Bail Bonds
  • Theft Bail Bonds
  • Traffic Violation Bail Bonds
  • Vandalism Bail Bonds

Take the First Step to Getting Out of Jail

Having the right people on your team makes a difference when you are facing criminal charges. As your Lubbock bail bondsman, we began the process of getting you out quickly from the minute you call. Once you have been arrested and put in the system, you have the option to post a cash bond or hiring a bond service. Paying the cash bond is not an option for everyone. When you choose a bond company, with just 10% of the bond set by the court you can find yourself released. When the burden of a cash bond is too much for you and your family, give our team a call.

Any Jail, Any Time, We Bond You Out

When you need us most, we promise to be there. For over 20 years AAA Bail Bonds has provided reliable, dependable bond services to residents in the Lubbock area. From DUI to a warrant violation, we help with it all. Aren't sure if you are eligible for bail? Give us a call today at (806) 744-2663 to learn more.
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